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A fake Facebook post generator that's been used by celebrities. Customize your own fake Facebook posts with the Fake Facebook Post Generator and sock some pranks on your friends.

Our Fake Facebook Post Generator lets you change a person's name, profile picture, likes, post text, post image, and comments as you choose to make a post that appears to be the original.

Therefore, Facebook Post Generator is used to produce fake Facebook posts that make it appear like a real one on Facebook. Feel free to use Facebook avatar images and smileys to make it more believable.

You may astonish your friends with our Facebook Post Generator depending on your creativity. However, do not use our Fake Facebook Post Generator for commercial purposes: only use it for fun and for personal purposes, do not use it for any nefarious purposes.

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Choose from the following options to create a fake Facebook post that you like. Click on the “Post settings” button to set your post’s settings and then, the “Add comments” button to control the comments of others.

To edit a post image, go to the post settings>>Edit Post Image. Click on the emoji icon to add your favorite emojis to the post title. Likewise, you can manage post text, likes, time, share options, and comments.

You will be prompted to click the “Generate Image” button to save your generated Facebook post and fake Facebook chat. Then, a pop-up screen with options to share and download your fake Facebook post will appear on the screen.

Picture uploading can sometimes take a long time, so be patient and wait for the popup window to appear on the page.

After some time, a popup window will appear from which you can share your created fake tweets by:-

    You can use an Image Link, HTML Code, or BBCode.

    Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Pinterest are some examples of social media websites.

    You can download your image for future use on your computer or device.

The 10 Facebook Posting Tips to Improve Your Brand Awareness

Every business knows that Facebook is a crucial part of their marketing plan. But achieving a winning Facebook strategy requires more than just posting random content to your Page and pressing publish.

Social media can provide a lot of bells and whistles to enhance your outreach strategy, but none of that matters unless you have a solid foundation. Your content sets the tone for your strategy, and without quality content, you won’t be able to achieve your objectives.

Throughout your Facebook posts, you can optimize your content for success but there isn’t anyone way to go about it. Here are tips to help you improve brand awareness by Facebook posting.

  • Use tags to reach a larger audience
  • Learn from Trends
  • Include Branded Hashtags, But Don't Use Too Many
  • Promos and stories must be balanced  
  • Education, Entertainment & Repetition
  • With less, you can say more.
  • You may comment by including a link.
  • Please use clear Calls-to-Action. 
  •  Make sure you are using original photos
  • You need to target your posts

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